Renowned VoIP PABX/PBX System and Wireless Desk Phone Distributor in Malaysia

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Snom Technology is one of the first phone manufacturers in the world to introduce the IP phone system. Since then, Snom has incorporated various innovations on its designs and software to become the market leader that defines the IP Phone technology. From colour displays and HD sound to MSP’s ability to diagnose issue’s in customer’s network remotely, Snom has dominated the IP Phone technology for the two decades.

In Malaysia, UWave is the leading Snom technology distributor to individuals, small businesses and large enterprises. Snom’s VoIP desk phones are based on an open SIP standard, making it suitable to be used with a variety of IP PBX and PABX phone system. Snom wireless desk phones and DECT phones can also be used with the hosted VoIP desk phone.

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